What We Teach

Along with the core doctrinal beliefs, below are doctrinal distinctives held by pastoral staff at First Baptist Church of Hollywood.  Pastoral direction and leadership will be guided by convictions and philosophy of ministry formed from these doctrines (click on each topics for description).

Lordship Salvation

We believe that believing in Jesus also compels us to follow him as Lord.

Sovereignty of God in Salvation

We believe that God is sovereign over our salvation, therefore we can rest in Him.

Spiritual Gifts

We believe that God has gifted the church for its edification and evangelization of the world.

Men's and Women's Roles in the Church

We believe that God has given to the church distinct men's and women's roles. 

Divorce and Remarriage

We believe that believing that God has given specific instructions for marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

Spiritual Warfare

We believe that believers are to engage in spiritual warfare God's way.


We believe that believing that Jesus is coming back and will reign over all the earth.

Have Questions Regarding What We teach?

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