Jesus is coming again.  When he comes, those who believe and trust in Christ are received into the New Heaven and the New Earth.  Those who did not place their faith in Jesus are going to face the ultimate consequence of their sins, to suffer eternity in hell.

In regard to how specifically this happens, we teach that God is going to fulfill specific physical promises He made to Israel in the Old Testament (Isaiah 2, Genesis 15).  These things must come about because God always keeps His promises.  We do not teach the church replaced Israel, or these promises were allegorized to apply to the church.  A remnant of the nation of Israel is going to come to faith in Christ in the end times, and through the purging and the judgement of the nation, that remnant is going become the true national Israel (Zechariah 13:8-9).  God is going to keep the promises He made to Israel, as He is going to keep the promises He made to the church.  Together the church and Israel are going to receive the mercy of God, through faith in Christ, which was only made available through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross (Romans 11:25-32).

Reading through the books of Daniel and Revelation using the grammatical-historical hermeneutic presents a timeline and scenario of the end times.  We teach that tribulation is going to come upon the earth.  After the tribulation, Christ is going to establish on earth His earthly kingdom for 1000 years where all the eschatological promises He made to Israel are going to be fulfilled.  After that, Satan is going to be set loose for a period of time where he again deceives the nations.  In the end, the Lord comes, and wipes out all satanic oppositions, bringing in all humanity before the final great white throne judgement, where all the living and the dead are judged (Revelation 20).